About Us

Our History

Nowadays, after acquiring a greater knowledge of the market, linked to the needs of the customers and other relevant stakeholders, Formulab – Aditivos Alimentares, Lda. presents itself with a familiar, young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team in the conception, production and trade of products and services for the Food Industry.

Formulab understands that the total customer satisfaction is the basic principle for business success and
the company’s evolution. Thus, the success of customers is the success of the company, and this partnership is what allows it to grow and, at the same time, contributes to a safer and higher quality food.


The company’s policy is based on a continuous evolution, to face the needs of the market, follow the latest technological innovations, present innovative solutions, as well as to supply products according to the specifications and requirements of each client. Allied to this, Formulab guarantees trust, flexibility and competitive standards of quality, prices and response times, ensuring all the support, monitoring of the process and after-sales service, in order to exceed the expectations of each demand.



  • We are a company that is dedicated to the production and trade of products and services with high quality standards;
  • We offer innovative solutions and services in order to grow in harmony with our customers, seeking to exceed their needs and expectations;
  • We work on the development of human resources management so that everyone shares the organization’s values, objectives and interests.


We build continuously an image of credibility, competence and notoriety at the national level, anticipating solutions in order to be a reference in the market segment.




We excel at each achievement and are oriented continuously towards action.


We quickly answer to the customer requests and add value to each one of them.


We challenge new trends. We create partnerships with companies and institutions to keep up with technological developments.


We commit to the challenges and comply with the proposal.

Responsibility/ Proficiency

We are stringent in all stages of the process and efficient in creating solutions, by sharing the know-how of all employees, suppliers and customers.


We encourage the correct application of good practices and legislation, guaranteeing the food security of the community.


We value the potential of each employee and we build an environment from people to people.